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These are the things I think of as I dream;
I am the ant walking wire over the stream.


I'm not sure if it's just procrastination, or some other horrible sort of something I'm in, but I sit here and look at a blank page for hours on end. I sit, surf and wait for that fairytale wave to crest, peak and blow before my eyes. You know, that wonderful sort of idea that sticks in between your teeth, and you get really antsy trying to claw at it with anything pointy and preferably leaded, until all you've got left is a clump of half-chewed nothing on the paper in front of you, and your teeth taste like ink or graphite.
Yeah, that's me on a day to day.
Except, it's not only with writing. It's with everything. My room? Smells like carved pumpkin, which is sort of worrisome, because it hasn't been cleaned in a couple weeks and it's very far from October. The cleanest room in the house is the living room and I haven't stepped foot out there for weeks, unless to scurry through to get out the door and off to work.
It's weird that the boys are more conscientious of this than myself.
So, as we now near the end of December, I'm becoming increasingly worried and perturbed by my lack of motivation to tackle this severe procrastination issue.
So it seems my New Years Resolution is obvious.
Terminate procrastination to this degree.

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I hope you had a great birthday. All the best. :rose:
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Happy Birthday :heart:!
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Happy Birthday!!:D:heart:
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organicvision Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013   Photographer
Procrastination can be useful. Sometimes issues disappear if you are patient. A few works have been published on this subject. For myself urgent matters motivate creativity.
alexiscaitlinking Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Procrastination... Sounds like an evil lurking dragon....
Just stretching his jaws to eat me right up!
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Nice gallery
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